It’s Easy to Play Piano!
Do you want to try?

Bach said, “it’s easy to play any musical instrument:
all you have to do is touch the right key at the right time
and the instrument will play itself.”


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Teaching That Inspires

I nurture my students’ creative potential and provide them
with rich learning and performing experiences
in a supportive and encouraging atmosphere.

I believe music can give them the tools to grow,
develop their personal talents and discover success,
no matter what path they take in life.

Meet Eva

Eva is a smiley 11-year-old, who loves her parents,
school, beautiful dresses and… playing piano.
She has recently passed her ABRSM Grade 5
Piano Exam with Distinction.

‘Please, please can we start my Grade 6 today, Yuriy?’, she says.

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What Students + Parents are Saying

(…without me asking!)

  • My seven year old son, James, has been learning the piano for 6 months now, and he really loves it. Yuriy is very good with him.
    Joanna Baker
  • I used to find the piano a bit boring, but with Yuriy it’s different. You can see he is very passionate, and that in itself is inspiring. I really enjoy playing the piano now, and can see myself getting better.
    Emma Holland-Smith
  • I started the piano along with my 8 year old daughter Ashu to keep her company. I didn’t think I would really like it too much, to be honest music isn’t really my thing, but I’ve actually had a great time! I really enjoy our lessons. And Ashu is glued to the piano!
    Ramya Jeganmohan
  • I’ll be starting my BMus in September, and these lessons have been a huge help in giving me some extra preparation. I tour along with the choir in my school, so I need to keep my piano at a very high standard all the time.
    Maja Wisniewska
  • I really enjoy my lessons with Yuriy. I learnt piano for six years in school and theory was never my strong point, but Yuriy has really helped me pull it up. I never understood the importance of it before, but my playing is so much better now.
    Dafydd Prys-Davies
  • Great Stuff! Yuriy is an amazing teacher – would definitely recommend him! He’s a great guy, and has really pushed me to play as well as I can – which, as it turns out, is actually very well, if I may say so myself!
    Olushola Imasekha