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We at Kensington Piano Lessons nurture our students’ creative potential and provide them with rich learning and performing experiences in a supportive and encouraging atmosphere.
We believe music can give them the tools to grow, develop their personal talents and discover success, no matter what path they take in life.

Meet Eva.

Eva studies at Kensington Piano Lessons.
She is a smiley 11-year-old, who loves her parents,
school, ice-cream and… playing piano. She has recently passed
her ABRSM Grade 5 Piano Exam with Distinction.
“Please, please can we start my Grade 6 today?”, she says.

You will love your lessons.
Here are six reasons why.


Student-focused teaching philosophy


Flexible and adaptive teaching style and strategy


Supportive and motivating learning environment


Tonnes of hands-on experience and knowledge


Professionalism and meticulous attention to detail


Kensington Piano Lessons' reputation for excellence

It’s thaaat

Bach said, “it’s easy to play any musical instrument:
all you have to do is touch the right key at the right time
and the instrument will play itself.”
Join us at Kensington Piano Lessons and start learning.

Our Story.

Piano Lessons Kensington
Kensington Piano Lessons prepares musicians to make a difference in the world. We promote profound musical understanding and technical mastery, encourage growth of imagination, while fostering an attitude of inquiry about the role of music and the musician in the larger world.

Piano Teacher Kensington
Music is a part of what makes us human. The study of music connects us with the world around us. It shapes the way we communicate, the way we work with others, and stimulates creativity in students of all ages. Here we believe that anyone can make music.

Piano Lessons Chelsea
Kensington Piano Lessons will prepare musicians to make a difference in the world: by establishing a new model for music education. We teach students of all ages to be extraordinary musicians, while challenging them to find new ways to change the world through music.


At Kensington Piano Lessons, we employ the best teachers,
because we believe they are the key to successful learning.
Our teachers are highly qualified with many years of experience and
understand the needs and interests of both adults and children.
We will be open for face-to-face appointments from 19th of April, 2021.