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Message to
our students

A generation ago, a good ear, solid technique, sensitivity, and superb work ethic could put a young musician in good stead for a successful career.
While all these attributes remain crucial and elemental, today’s young musician needs much more.
As society changes, so do its expectations of artists. Collaboration is the new watchword. Young musicians can no longer simply be part of the world: they must be in the world.
Over the next few years, developing your versatility will be as important as developing your artistic voice. In fact, they will be one and the same.
Why is that? Because in the years ahead, poets and writers, dancers and educators, scientists and historians will be looking to you, both for your ideas and for your music. Together, you will take creative experience to a new and exciting place.
At Kensington Piano Lessons, we are committed to training true musicians. We want you, our students, to recognise the power of teaching, to be clear thinkers, to compose, improvise, and understand narrative and poetry. We want you to acknowledge — and to understand — the underpinnings that join the arts to all human experience.
In fact, we want the world for you.
Our piano lessons are the perfect gift for your loved ones.