Our Mission

Kensington Piano Lessons prepares musicians to make a difference in the world. We promote profound musical understanding and technical mastery, encourage growth of imagination, and foster an attitude of inquiry about the role of music and the musician in the larger world.

We make a school-wide commitment to:

  • Uphold uncompromising standards of musical excellence
  • Provide an expert faculty for all of our students
  • Offer programs, which provide our students with opportunities to engage with the world in new ways
  • Help each student realize his or her individual potential

We value:

  • The transformational power of music
  • The joy of making and sharing music with others
  • The art of teaching
  • Honest, ongoing assessment
  • Respect for the individual
  • A diverse and supportive community
  • Dynamic interaction with the larger world
  • Creative thought and innovation
  • The freedom to explore
  • Advocacy for our art
COVID-19 Update: In light of the most recent measures announced by the UK Government, we made the difficult decision to suspend all of our face-to-face lessons until further notice, effective 23rd of March 2020. All of our lessons will be delivered online via Skype, FaceTime or Zoom.BOOK FREE CONSULTATION