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The Best Apps to Download for Your Piano Lessons in Knightsbridge

Apps are changing how we learn music. Every piano teacher in Knightsbridge has their favourite apps that they recommend to every student. Your Android or Apple device could be the key to helping you get the most out of your piano lessons in Knightsbridge.
Piano lessons can help reduce your stress levels, boost your self-esteem, and act as a breakaway from the digital world. While we think of playing the piano as escapism, the digital world has a role to play in our lessons.
There’s no denying that learning to play the piano can be difficult. Every piano teacher in Knightsbridge has seen students struggle to get beyond their first few lessons. Thanks to the latest technology, the tools to improving your skills could be right on your smartphone.
If you google the word ‘piano’ into your app store, you’ll find thousands of different apps to help with your piano lessons. Every piano teacher has their personal favourites and ones that they recommend for students. We’re sharing some of our must-have apps that every piano student should know about.
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1. World of Notes

Are you struggling to learn key signatures and note names? Does sight-reading seem like a foreign language? World of Notes is an app developed in partnership with Merriam School of Music to teach piano theory through fun games. While this app is aimed at children, it’s just as much fun for adults!

2. Perfect Piano

Most students don’t have 24/7 access to a piano between piano lessons. This Android app is an 88-key piano simulator that helps guide you through sheet music. It contains weekly challenges and allows you to compete against other pianists. You can even hook in a USB MIDI keyboard to incorporate it into your piano lessons.

3. Simply Piano

In 2016, Simply Piano was voted as one of the best iPhone apps. The app is also available for Android users, making it a top-rated choice by piano teachers in Knightsbridge. This app works alongside your real piano and keyboard, giving you real-time feedback on your work. All you have to do is place your device next to your piano and start playing. You can download a subscription to get unlimited access to courses available through the app.

4. Vivace: Learn to Read Music

One thing every Knightsbridge piano teacher will tell you is that you need to learn sheet music. It’s a non-negotiable rule when you’re starting as a beginner with piano lessons. This app has tutorials to help you understand music theory and apply it to your piano lessons. The app is customizable and allows you to tailor it to your skills level. Unfortunately, this app is currently only available on Android.

5. Piano Free-Keyboard with Magic Tiles Music Game

This app is available on both Apple and Android, making it perfect for using between your Knightsbridge piano lessons. It helps you finetune your skills using a piano simulator. What we piano teachers love about this app is that it allows you to record your music as you’re playing. You can listen back to your practice sessions and record your progress.

6. Yousician

While this app isn’t just for piano playing, it’s your virtual music teacher. The app is full of different lessons for you to choose from, allowing you to play along with the lesson. It also allows you to receive feedback on your work. Furthermore, you’ll find exciting weekly challenges and music theory training on the app. This app was designed by music teachers to help improve your confidence in piano lessons.
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7. Perfect Ear - Ear Trainer

Your piano teacher in Knightsbridge will tell you that it’s just as important to train your ears as your fingers. This Android app works by teaching you how to recognise chords and rhythms, allowing you to develop your musical ear. The app is based on the popular solfege method of learning music theory. It focuses on training your ear to tell the difference between notes.

8. Flowkey

What we love about this piano app is that it’s tailored to students of all skill sets. You can choose beginner, intermediate, or advanced depending on your piano lessons. The app allows you to plug in a microphone or MIDI connection for instant feedback. The learning progress indicator is an easy way to keep track of your progress with the app.

9. Piano Academy – Learn Piano

Are you looking for help with the basics before you start your Knightsbridge piano lessons? This app is full of video tutorials that cover all the topics a pianist needs to know. You’ll learn about note theory, musical hearing, and how to develop your sense of rhythm. It’s a great app for students of every age and is one that every piano teacher recommends.

10. Piano Scales and Chords Free

One thing that you want to work on between your piano lessons in Knightsbridge is your scales and chords. This app is the perfect reference for your studying and teaches you your scales. You can play along with the app or repeat the scales. Furthermore, the app includes games focused on scales and chords to test your knowledge.

11. Note Trainer Lite Learn Piano

We recommend trying this piano app in practice mode to learn to read notes by turning on and off the note labels. You can challenge yourself to identify each note under time pressure and keep track of your score. One reason Knightsbridge piano teachers like this app is that it shows you where you’re making mistakes and the accuracy of your note reading. It’s a great sight-reading app that you can use in between piano lessons to continue your learning.
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