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How to Get Ready for Your First Piano Lessons in Parsons Green

Have you taken the plunge and booked your first piano lessons in Parsons Green? Congratulations! You’re about to set off on an exciting adventure. You might be nervous to meet your Parsons Green piano teacher or experiencing first day jitters. These are all perfectly normal.
As a new piano student, there are things you can do to help you get ready for your first piano lessons. These early stages are what can make or break your career as a pianist. Every Parsons Green piano teacher will give you the same response. Consistency, passion, and practice are the secret to nailing your piano lessons.
We’re sharing some of our top tips to help new students get ready for their first Parsons Green piano classes. These are the pieces of advice that every piano teacher wants you to know.

Don’t be afraid to talk to your piano teacher

Your piano teacher is your guide and mentor as you start your piano lessons. You want to start your relationship off on the right foot. Before your lesson starts, go and speak to your piano teacher to find out more about them. Your piano teacher in Parsons Green will be able to recommend the best books and materials to have for your first lessons.
You should feel free to ask your piano teacher any questions or concerns that you might have playing at the back of your mind. As a student, you want to take advantage of all the knowledge and experience your piano teacher has.
Don’t be afraid to ask your piano teacher questions during class. There’s no such thing as a stupid question or a wrong answer. Your piano teacher is there to help guide you through your lessons and turn you into a great pianist.

Listen out for the beat and rhythm

In the beginning, you’ll spend a lot of time listening to music. As you’re listening, keep an ear out for the beat and try tapping your foot in time with the music. You want to become familiar with spotting the beat and when there is a note change in a song. Doing this step can help you improve your musical ear, make you more aware of rhythm, and improve your tempo.

Look for Middle C

For your first piano lessons, middle C is going to be your most important key. When you sit down at your piano, look for the black keys. These will sit in sets of two or three. Place your index finger on the left black key of the set of two nearest the centre of your piano. Let your finger hit the white key on the left, gently pressing it down. Just like that, you’re hitting a middle C.
Once you’ve found middle C, it’s easier to wrap your head around finding other keys. It’ll make practice easier, especially as you start to learn how to sight-read.

Strengthen your fingers

The first piece of advice that any piano teacher in Parsons Green will give you is that you need to strengthen your fingers. As a pianist, they’re your instrument. You can do simple exercises throughout the day to prepare your fingers for your piano lesson. Start by laying your hands down on a table, lifting each finger one by one. You can also practice by creating rings with each finger touching your thumb one at a time.

Write everything down

It’s easy to become overwhelmed during your first piano lessons. It’s when your piano teacher will establish the basics and give you some of the most important lessons of your pianist career. One of our best pieces of advice is to write everything down. Don’t just write down the lessons you learn, but your thoughts and feelings as well.
It’s a good idea to write down goals – both achievable and ambitious. These goals can help keep you motivated and on track with your lessons. It’s worthwhile having a notebook for writing lesson notes and a journal for documenting your thoughts, feelings, and goals. You’ll be amazed by how much you’ve learnt once you look back at these notes just a few weeks later!

Plan your schedule

Fail to prepare; prepare to fail. The saying might remind you of your high-school exams, but the sentiment is true. Practice makes perfect when it comes to piano lessons. If you’re serious about playing the piano – as a career or a hobby – you need a schedule.
It’s a good idea to speak to your piano teacher first to see how many classes they recommend you should have every week or month. Their answer will help you form a baseline and create a calendar around which to do your theory learning and practice. You want to make sure you’re booking your piano lessons at a time that suits your schedule.
Most piano teachers in Parsons Green will expect you to practice on a piano almost every day of the week. You want to account for this when making your schedule, especially if you don’t have a piano readily available at home.
Commitment is the key to becoming a great pianist. If you can create a schedule and stick to it, you’ll be able to see the results in no time.
It’s worth remembering that your first piano lessons in Parsons Green are just the beginning. Within no time, your piano lessons will become the focal point of your free time. With these beginners tips, you’ll be able to grow your piano skills from strength to strength.
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